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. >> thank you. >>> progress is being made along san francisco's waterfront where a new cruise ship terminal is being built. the james r. herman cruise terminal on peer 27 will be able to accommodate megaships that can carry 6,000 passengers. right now the pier is being used for the america's cup and it will be the centerpiece for the yacht races later this year. princess cruises has pledged to base a cruise ship in san francisco which will set sail for alaska, hawaii and mexico. >>> a light earthquake shook the desert southeast of los angeles this morning. the magnitude 4.7 quake hit just before 10:00 a.m. and was centered 23 miles south of palm springs about 64 miles northeast of san diego. this is a look at the u.s. geological survey site that lists earthquakes and shows the seismograph for each event. there were no reports of damage or injuries. >>> japan is marking the second anniversary of its deadly earthquake and massive tsunami. today memorial services were held in tokyo and the northeastern coast. it coincided with the exact moment the earthquake hit. the quake was followed by a ma
topic at a town hall forum in san francisco at this hour. new at noon, ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live to explain the special guests who have traveled across the country to talk about their tragic experience with gun violence. sal? >> reporter: tori, good afternoon. the ideas that are coming from this campaign accompany a national call for tech solutions to prevent what happened three months ago in connecticut. on the three-month anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school shooting, a national campaign to seek high-tech conclusions to gun violence kicked off in san francisco with mayor ed lee and district attorney george gascon in attendance. >> we are in many regard the innovation capital of the world. i'm so proud to see this launched here today. >> reporter: some parents traveled here to call for innovative ideas to help solve what many say is a growing national crisis. >> two of the students killed that day lived in my small neighborhood. the gunman and his mother lived a street over from us. >> reporter: among the ideas proposed, biomettic gun locks that would only open
of the u.s. invasion of iraq, people are marking the date literally in san francisco and speaking out right now to remember war veterans. it's one of the top stories. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with the u.s. marine corps. it just has said seven marines have died during a training exercise in nevada. it happened around 10:30 at the hawthorne army depot about 140 miles southeast of reno. all of the men were from a unit based in north carolina. marine officials say a 60- millimeter mortar exploded unexpectliedly. a white house spokesman expressed president obama's sympathy. >> the president sends thoughts and prayers to the families of those lost and injured. we're in the early stages of assess egg the incident. it's a -- assessing the incident. it's a tragedy. >> it's unclear what caused the mortar round to detonate and if more than a single round exploded. the marine corps has ordered an immediate halt worldwide until an investigation is finished. >>> a new effort to health veterans is being launched today ten years after the iraq war began. details are being discussed right
. it happened around 7:30 at broadway and embarcadero in san francisco. we brought you live coverage on mornings on 2. the investigators say the 66-year-old woman suffered a leg injury in the accident but is expected to be okay. her seven-year-old grand dar was left with a serious foot injury. >> they were struck by the garbage truck making a right turn. >>> investigators say the driver of the truck is cooperating and it appears to have been a terrible accident. >>> major fire that's left some bay area people homeless and why a man has been detained. >>> more clouds in the bay area. steve is up soon to tell you if that means rain. and the near death experience for a bus driver overseas. >>> a contra costa county sheriff's deputy crashed a patrol car this morning. the deputy was rushing to a call in the richmond hilltop area. this happened around 1:00 this morning at the sao paulo avenue in richmond parkway intersection. the patrol car flipped on to its side when the deputy swerved to avoid crashing into a car. the officer was treated for minor cuts and bruises. >>> surveillance video from china,
after a house fire left a firefighter injured this morning in san francisco. we have more details now on a story that was breaking at the end of "mornings on 2." ktvu's tara moriarty is live on 8th avenue near morago with some pictures that show how marijuana may have had a role in this fire. >> reporter: well, the good news, the firefighter is okay. he suffered a possible dislocated shoulder. his own crews transported him to ucsf, but behind me is the house where you can see he fell inside there and crews stumbled upon something else inside. heavy smoke billowed from the roof of this home on 8th avenue near noriega street. >> it was an interior attack, offensive attack. we went right in and directed our hoses in the fire. it's a bit windy. the homes are all attached and wood frame. >> reporter: we watched one firefighter being let out on a gurney. he slipped on stairs. it's what the crews found upstairs that caused them to call police. >> i guess in the neighborhood, you know, smelling something different. don't know particularly the smell but definitely something different. >> repor
in san francisco. new at noon, janine de la vega joins us live in san francisco to explain. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. well, we're here at the bill graham civic auditorium. hundreds of people are waiting to get in to get services to help them. the big news is that a big tech organization is deciding to devote its time and effort to help the home les. this event is held every other month in san francisco where the needy can get services. the homeless can connect with doctors, dentists, mental health along with a variety of other resources. announced it is partnering with project correct and they represent 500 companies and they are encouraging the employees of those companies to volunteer and support the services. >> individuals will either volunteer their time in an event like this, offer job training or mentorship or getting their company involved in actually sponsoring one of the larger events. >> reporter: the home is also that the tech workers will be motivated to donate money if they want to purchase eyeglasses or dentures for a homel
in san francisco today to consider drastic changes at the national park, they would remove them, those would be tournament out and rafting rentals on the river would end. the changes come in response to years of lawsuits demanding the popular park be restored to its natural setting. the public meeting will be from 5:00 to 8:00 at fort mason, room c-370. >>> it could soon be illegal to light up in palo alto's smaller parks, the committee is recommending the city ban smoking in parks less than 5 acres, that could cover 22 of the city's 38 parks. there willly will be at least two meetings on it before it goes to the full city council. >>> the city of san francisco has come up with a plan plan to deal with chronic public drunkenness, they would be arrested and thrown in jail and given a choice. they launched a similar program that recognized them as those who get 5 in a month, the san francisco program could begin in may. >>> a commercial beekeeper in the central valley is feeling the sting of thieves, someone stole 80 of his beehives from an almond orchard there. it is tough to get into
in san francisco, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. >>> more details now on the gunman in the newtown shooting. court documents including search warrants of his home were released this morning. investigators found he had an arsenal of guns in the home where he lived with his mother. there was a gun safe in his bedroom. also found were more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, knives, samurai swords. investigators say they also found a holiday card containing a check made out to him for the purchase of a firearm signed by his mother. >>> u.s. park police are investigating the discovery of a body along the coast in san francisco this morning. it was found off ocean beach near the great highway and judith street just before 7:30. san francisco firefighters say the person was face down in the water. investigators have not released any further details. >>> san jose police are investigating the city's third officer-involved shooting this month. it happened yesterday afternoon after a suspected car thief allegedly tried to run an officer over on almadon road in
of the county of san mateo and the board of supervisors of the county of san francisco merely have to pass a resolution in support of having the gun show here. >> now we have video from previous gun show here at cow palace. supporters of the bill say it would turn power over the decision on gun shows to local leaders, who can then take a pulse of their community. it would require the county board of supervisors in both san mateo and san francisco counties to pass resolutions supporting gun shows here if they want them. highly unlikely, both boards of supervisors have voted in the past to ban gun shows community leaders said gun shows like these pump guns into the surrounding communities where they are used to commit violent acts. the supporters say they are legal and that banning gun shows for legitimate gun buyers would drive them to the black market. we spoke with one owner who told me, if his intent is for people to met behind closed doors behind smoke filled bars to buy them on a black market then his proposal is a step in the right direction. the senate bill is set to be considered t
to fighting crime. >>> chaos on the san francisco streets today. update at noon. . >>> vandal im, carjackings, shots fired, it all started when a cab driver picked up a certain customer. now, it is the top story. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. this is a strange chain of events. it started with a vandalized taxicab and a shooting. brian flores joins us and explains how the suspect was found quickly. >> reporter: well the driver, suspect, officer, all of those people were not injured. if it wasn't for the cab's company investment in gps tracking, they may not have found the suspect so quickly. >> pacific heights is a quiet neighborhood. at 3:30 this morning, they flagged down a cab. the cab driver pulled over thinking it was a fare and as he did, it got loud. >> the suspects began jumping up and down. and they shattered the windshield of the taxicab. >> he took advice and locked all the doors. few minutes later. he opened the door and left the cab with the keys in the ignition. the 25-year-old suspect took off in the cab. >> you are concerned about driver safety. when i heard the driver wa
's the middle of the day. the bay area claimed top two spots in the survey was san francisco peninsula. oakland number one. santa clara number 2 and number 3 new york, new jersey area. >> there is now a memorial set up in san francisco where a 17-year-old girl was killed. on saturday night, she was crossing slope boulevard when she was hit by a car. her family said she had just celebrated her birthday with friends. she was a junior and a member of the track team. her teammates plan on wearing black ribbons at the track meets. >>> decision will affect drivers. why it could be the next one to turn off its red light cameras. enjoy any rays of sunshine. rain is on the way. meteorologist rosemary orozco joins us with more on the incoming storm. >> it's a cold storm. temperatures will be cool , snow levels dropping and beginning to see the transition. take a look at storm tracker two. the clouds begin to pull into the north bay along the coastline. half of our area covered by clouds. the other half dealing with mostly blue skies. i want to point you north to the rain. seeing a little bit fall right o
tomorrow by supporters of same sex marriage in san francisco at the court building. last night the advocates marched to the san francisco city hall. >> what do we want? >> equality. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> many of the participants say they have been waiting years for marriage equality and they're eager for a ruling from the supreme court. again that's not expected to happen until june. several bay area cities are showing their support for the lbgt community and same sex marriage by flying a rainbow flag at city halls this week. this is berkeley city hall. san francisco, oakland, heyward, san leandro and alameda are also flying the rainbow flags this week. >>> we have heard a lot from people who live in cities but what about the suburbs? new at noon sal castaneda joins us now live from walnut creek to let us know what people are saying there about the court says. >> reporter: tori some are watching the suburbs pretty closely as you might remember proposition 8 did better in the suburbs than it did in urban areas. in walnut creek we found people on both sides of the iss
days off to deal with budget cutbacks. the courts in san francisco and san jose will be closed on the first friday of every month from may through september. the court in oakland will close the first monday from may through august. it will close on the second monday in september because the labor day holiday falls on the first monday. anyone who has business scheduled for those days will be contacted by the courts. >>> today is the last day of the president's 4 day tour of the middle east. he wrapped up the trip with a final stop in jordan. the president arrived in amman after a three day visit to israel where he pledged the united states unwavering support for that country, while also saying palestinians deserve an independent and sovereign state. in jordan the president's meeting with the king will focus on the civil war in syria. after spending the day there the president will return to the united states. >> i think what we saw in the visit of the president here in israel was a reaffirmation of the very special and unique partnership that israel and the united states share.
in san francisco say drug dealing at a muni stop in the sunset district is a growing problem. >> the chronicle reports that they conducted at least nine sting operations and the issue persists. >> problem areas include a public restroom and a convenience store on 46th. they are planning more crackdowns and more business owners and residents want more solutions. >> they will add a police satellite station. >> the contra county police department is asking for help in find ago man. >> it as story first reported on monday. >> christopher faulkner was last seen on february 5th at the regional medical center in martinez. this is a just released photograph from a bank surveillance camera. shortly after he left the hospital. he suffers from a brain disorder. and does not have his medication. > >>> tomorrow, is national read across america day. and with the annual event falling on a saturday this year. schools around the nation are marked the occasion today. >> under the trees. i saw brown bar boots. and they are in the suits. >> they played. >> in the academy. they were reading to th
it is surrounded by police and local authorities. >>> a deadly shooting in san francisco, news at noon coming up. . >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >>> we have been following this story all morning, the sailboat stuck on a local beach. it turns out the sailboat stuck on the coast of pacifica has been stolen. authorities are now surrounding the boat and tara moriarty has more on this information live at the beach in pacifica where there was a development in the story less than ten minutes ago, good morning, tara moriarty. >> reporter: you can see behind me they are over there with the jetski and they are bringing the woman on board this sailboat, this is the last of the three and she is being let up right now and she will be handcuffed as the other two people were just moments ago and you can see the boat is still stuck here in the sand. as we mentioned moments ago we watched police handcuff the two men who got off the boat first and this was something first responders never expected. the man from the 82 sailing yac
mass here was held at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco to pray for those choosing a new pope. ♪ >> this is a very active and exciting time for catholics, just a few days ago they were praying for the outgoing pope benedict xvi. this morning, the archbishop prayed for vatican city and the election of a new pope. >> i think that's the excitement about this, there's really no headliner. there's nobody that's favored going into this conclave as there was the last time around. so anything could happen. >> reporter: this was not the only special mass this morning. the officer of bishop called for all -- the archbishop called for all special masses today. some say they want change and others say they want the leader to remain tra dish nal. >> i would love any pope that comes to carry on the tradition of the church and adapt it in the way that's best for the modern world. >> it's really important. again, we need a leader. we need somebody, someone to look up to. >> as we reported a few minutes ago, the cardinals have cast their first ballots and informed the public with black smoke
and no injuries were reported. most of the damage was done to the home's garage and addict. >>> san francisco's public housing authority has a cash problem. the acting head of the agency says it will run out of money in two months. if that happens, there will be no money to pay for garbage collection, repairs or staff salaries and it will be $6.4 million in the red by the end of the year. the housing authority handles programs that provide homes for more than 41,000 low-income families and individuals. >>> b.a.r.t.'s board is promising money from the latest fare hikes will only be used to improve the transit system. not for workers' benefits or pay. b.a.r.t. board members say they wanted to clarify how the increased fares would be used. the board voted unanimously to dedicate the money to replacing and expanding the fleet of trains, building a new maintenance center and installing a better installment system. >>> a new employee code of conduct begins today at the port of the oakland in the part of gaining back trust. among other things, we learned some port workers spent thousands of dollars
of the national postal forum in san francisco today. many are upset about the postal service letting go of jobs and even closing post offices. ktvu's brian flores is outside one of the historic post offices slated to close with both sides of the controversy. good afternoon brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. many postal workers say they are upset because their livelihoods are in danger, not only their jobs or pay may be reduced but historical post offices may close. meantime postal officials have attended the conference to generate new business despite paying millions of dollars to attend. >> but it must say important. >> speaking in front of hundreds of postal vendors, postmaster general patrick donahoe is looking toward technology to lead the postal service in the future. >> we think there is still plenty of growth opportunities because it's the most direct way to reach a customers eyes. >> for the next few days the usps will take part in an annual conference called the national postal forum. it's a group of businesses and vendors associated with mail delivery or services and the conven
robbery and shooting. >>> hundreds of hotel workers at hilton san francisco union square are celebrating a new contract today. >> these workers, not only are going to have great wages, they are going to have health benefits, they are going to have a pension that they can rely on for years and years to come. >> san francisco mayor ed lee joined hotel leaders and members of the union this morning to announce the end of several months of labor negotiations. the agreement is the result of a coordinated effort with hilton hotels in six cities, the union says this will help organize its members to work on securing better contracts with other hotel groups. >>> after a weekend with hardly a cloud in the sky things have really changed today. a weak system coming in but strong enough to not only give us low clouds but also high clouds. temperatures dropped off a good one to 11 degrees cooler. a current weak system, most heading to the north to the oregon border but we're getting high clouds and because this system is coming in a front always pushes in the low clouds. the combo equals a lower patt
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